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At Millennium Technologies, one of our founding principles is quality. Quality people produce quality results. We are known as the best in the industry and intend to maintain this honorable position. Being the fastest or the cheapest does not make you the best.

“Quality first” is not a rule – it’s a way of life. We start with the best team and the best equipment – resulting in pride in our product.

Since the first day we opened our doors in 1997, we have used our technical expertise to ensure that our Nickel Silicon Carbide coatings are harder, rounder and more wear resistant than any other you can buy. We are recommended and used by more OEMs than any other aftermarket plating company. Word of mouth is the best gauge of how good a plating shop is. We encourage you to ask around.

We are also committed to providing the most advanced technological solutions possible. Over the past 25+ years, we have expanded our capabilities from a cylinder repair shop to a one-stop shop for all your performance needs. Cylinder repair, cylinder head porting and repair, crankshaft repair, big bore kits, dyno tuning and everything in between. We have it all. We provide these services and products for a variety of engines including: motorcycles, snowmobiles, race cars, exotic street cars, go-karts, dirt bikes, watercraft and more.

Millennium Technologies American v-twin brand, Revolution Performance was put in place to be a direct source for owners of an American v-twin motorcycle to discover different options for boosting the performance of their v-twin engines. The first product was a line of bolt-on big bore kits utilizing Millennium’s Nickel Silicon Carbide plating solution.

Revolution Performance challenged American v-twin enthusiasts to “exit the ordinary” by option to discard the idea of a cast iron sleeved cylinder and replace it with an all-aluminum plated cylinder for larger displacement and more power gain. Science proved to be on our side as we continued to produce a broader range of kits with even larger displacement capability for extraordinary performance results. Soon Revolution’s customers were shown the truth, that “you can’t outrun physics”, as sets of our cylinders had now been operating well beyond the 100,000 mile mark. The smoother bore surface of the Nickel Silicon Carbide bore proved to many that friction means construction (which ironically enough was not a slogan)!

The cast-iron bore, in essence, had been reduced to being a living relic of old and outdated motorcycle technology. Now, 20+ years later, Revolution Performance has been able to expand from just a manufacture of cylinder and piston kits, to providing a variety of in-house services ranging from case boring and Timken bearing conversions, to crankshaft repair and balancing. Aside from big bore kit packages and bottom end work, Revolution has a full flow bench and 5-axis CNC porting program for reworking cylinder heads for optimized air/fuel flow performance. Package all our products and services together, and we can offer you a complete in-house engine rebuild program where you ship us your complete, tired motor and we ship you back a brand new, upgraded and repaired motor that’s ready for install. We can even take it one step further and do a complete in-house chassis engine build. Drop off your complete motorcycle and we will rebuild the engine and finish it off with a certified Dyno Jet tune, so the engine is properly broken in before it leaves our facility.

Millennium Technologies is dedicated to meeting all your powersports needs. If you have a big race this weekend or just a big ride, you can count on us to provide you with the highest quality engine products in the industry.