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Crankshaft Repair

Press together and bolt together cranks can easily become out of balance and out of phase. This will cause excessive vibrations or shaking, loss of power, and poor main bearing life. Loud noises from the crank case can be caused by a scissoring condition (when flywheel halves are no longer aligned) which is very common among used engines. Excessive play in connecting rods due to rod bearings being worn out can also cause the conditions listed above.

Millennium Technologies M-Spec Performance crankshaft services for 2 & 4-stroke engines include cleaning and inspections of the crank, press it apart, polish the pin bores, press a new rod kit and then true the crank to factory recommended specs. Special consideration is given to 4-stroke cranks, like checking the journal surfaces and polishing, deburring cam gears, flushing oil passages, pressing and truing with new parts, and pin welding for safety.

When you are ready to start your service order form, click below to start your service order form. Once an order estimate has been submitted, a tech will reach out to you to finalize the estimate prior to shipping. You can also contact our techs direct at: (920) 893-5595.

Crankshaft Rebuild Service Pricing

Service Price
2-Stroke Single Crankshaft Rebuild Service (Labor Only)
4-Stroke Single Crankshaft 499cc and Below Rebuild Service (Labor Only)
4-Stroke Single Crankshaft 500cc and Above Rebuild Service (Labor Only)


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