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Millennium Technologies’ Core Exchange Program is designed to accelerate turnaround time on our OEM size plated cylinders. Millennium Technologies stocks thousands of cores across various applications so we can help get you back in action with minimum downtime.

How It Works:

Millennium Technologies’ Core Exchange Program requires that a customer sends an acceptable core cylinder in exchange for a Millennium Technologies remanufactured core cylinder. Customers have two options when utilizing this program:

Option 1:

– A cylinder can be shipped out prior to Millennium Technologies receiving the customer’s core cylinder. This option will require a core charge added to the customer order. The specific core charge will vary depending on cylinder type. When Millennium Technologies receives an acceptable core, the core charge is credited back to the customers card.

***Core cylinder must be returned within 90 days to receive refund for the core charge. After 90 days, you will not be eligible to receive a refund for the core charge.***

Option 2:

– The customer can send the core cylinder to Millennium Technologies first and the remanufactured Millennium Technologies cylinder is shipped to the customer after inspection. There is not core charge for this option.

Acceptable Cores

Cylinders for Millennium Technologies’ core exchange program meet within the following criteria to qualify as an acceptable core for exchange:

– No detonation on the cylinder.

– No broken skirts on the cylinder.

– No porting within the cylinder.

– No sleeves installed (cast iron, aluminum, or other)

– Cylinder must be OEM size (no overbores).

– The cylinder being sent in for exchange must be the same type of cylinder that is being sent out from Millennium Technologies. For example, a KTM 250 cylinder will not be accepted for a Yamaha 125 cylinder regardless if it meets the rest of the criteria mentioned above.

If there is any question about a cores suitability, please contact our sales professionals first.

Millennium Technologies maintains a expansive cylinder core inventory, but we highly recommend giving a call to one of our sales professionals before utilizing any of the Core Exchange Program options to ensure that the cylinder you would like to exchange is in stock. Please have your casting number and bore size information ready when you call. If a cylinder core is unavailable at the time of request, Millennium Technologies can always service your cylinder within our regular turnaround time. Rush service is also available. In either case, the remanufactured cylinder you receive will perform better than the original.


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