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What do I need to do to send my engine components to you to have them fixed?

We will need all the parts that we are working on, which may include your cylinder, head, power valve, and piston. You will also need to start a service order form or email us to have an estimate created to print and send in with your components.

Do I need to send my piston in with my cylinder?

Although, it is not mandatory, providing us with a new piston is always a good idea. By having a piston we can ensure proper finish bore size, as well as making sure that your new piston hasn’t been damaged. In most cases, we can do a cylinder to stock dimensions based on provided make, model, and year.

Do I need to take my cylinder apart?

You can send in just your cylinder, all components you want serviced, or even your entire engine for us to provide engine rebuilding services for you. We recommend calling one of our service technicians to discuss all options available for your specific needs. Millennium Technologies will not be held liable for any damaged or broken parts that may result from disassembly. This includes cylinder head bolts! Please remove them from the cylinder; we will not be liable for any damaged or broken head bolts. If removing a head bolt results in the need for a heli-coil, the customer will be contacted to be notified of the additional costs.

When sending in a cylinder, do the power valves need to be removed or is that part of the cylinder service?

No, we recommend that you send the entire power valve assembly along with your cylinder and take advantage of our power valve service.

Do you buy used or core cylinders?

Yes, we often will purchase your used cylinders without requiring any purchase or exchange with us, but it depends on your specific cylinder and the condition it is in. Feel free to call us to discuss selling us your used cylinder(s).

Do you sell cylinders outright?

We do sell cylinders outright depending on inventory levels and availability.

Do you have a core cylinder for my application?

We carry over 10,000 cylinders in our core inventory to fit almost any application. We recommend entering your vehicle information to see what we have available or by calling one of our sales technicians to discuss all options available for your specific core needs.

What are my options for repair on my order? Can I get by doing it cheaper?

There are always many repair or modifications options for your cylinder, please call one of our sales technicians to discuss what range of options and pricing are available for your needs.

How big can I go?

Overbore or oversizing options vary by model and application. We recommend calling one of our sales technicians to discuss all options available for your specific needs.

I am doing a big bore. Do I need to send any parts besides my cylinder?

When doing may big bore kits, it is necessary to modify other parts of the motor. Often times, the power valve assembly and/or cylinder head require changes to accept your new bore size. Failure to modify these parts will result in power loss and/or engine failure. If you are unsure of your needs please contact us.

What is porosity, and will it affect my engine?

Porosity is gas trapped in the base metal aluminum during casting. These “holes” are exposed when the cylinder is machined or subjected to various chemicals in the plating process. The pits are usually small in size, and in good castings few and far between. When kept under acceptable levels, porosity will not adversely affect the performance or longevity of the engine. In fact, it will improve lubrication. The pits will not cause the coating to peel, nor will a ring hook on them. As far as our specifications on porosity our cylinders carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Therefore, through extensive testing we have found that porosity is a cosmetic problem only. In our pursuit to have both cosmetic and functional perfection we do everything possible to remove these pits. In some cases, this is not possible, so we release the cylinder only in cases where it will not affect performance.

What does oleofilic mean?

Oleofilic is a natural tendency to absorb oil. Coatings that are oleofilic help the oil retention of the coating and reduces the wear on the surface.

What are the advantages to running a plated cylinder compared to a cast cylinder?

In most cases, your cylinder was not designed to run with an iron liner. Installing a sleeve not only adds weight to your cylinder, increases operating temperatures, but you will also be sacrificing the unbeatable wear characteristics of an NSC coating. An iron liner will wear 10 times faster than a plated cylinder, resulting in too much piston to wall clearance. Which can result in engine failures. In addition, re-plating your cylinder with NSC will almost always be less expensive and less time consuming.

Can you plate cast iron?

We can plate many materials, cast iron included. By plating cast iron the cylinder will have all the benefits of NSC except the heat transfer. These benefits include 10 times better wear resistance, more horsepower, and better ring seal.

Do you offer porting packages for my two stroke and four stroke application?

We offer many porting options for two and four stroke applications. We recommend calling one of our sales technicians to discuss all options available for your specific needs.

What do the packages that you offer give me as far as horsepower gain?

Depending on what your performance needs are, we can offer power gains and performance improvement for just about any application. We recommend calling one of our sales technicians to discuss all options available for your specific needs.

Is there damage that can’t be fixed? – What then?

Most times we can fix just about anything however, there are few scenarios that the damage just can’t be repaired. We recommend calling one of our sales technicians to discuss all options available for your specific needs if repair can’t be completed

What is the difference between what you and your competition do?

We are the largest replating facility in the world. We use those resources to ensure that we have the highest quality and environmental standards in the industry. With that volume there isn’t anything new to us. We produce cylinders for governments, original manufactures, race teams, and development engineers as well as thousands of customers just like you.

Dealer Status

Do you have dealer discounts?

We do have dealer programs for customers who are in the industry and providing service and repairs on powersports equipment for the general public.

What do I get for becoming a dealer?

By becoming a dealer you get additional discounts on all services provided, as well as discounts on all OEM and aftermarket parts purchased from Millennium Technologies.

Does becoming a Dealer have a buy in or other costs?

There is no cost to this process, we only need a copy of your state tax ID#, business license, or resale certificate, a website and or business listing showing you are in the powersports repair and service business.


Do you receive international orders and how much will it cost?

We will gladly accept international orders! we can return ship through the U. S Postal Service, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Since it is hard for us to get exact shipping estimates, we have provided you the links to these couriers shipping cost estimate websites. There you should be able to get at least a rough estimate on the shipping costs to and from our facility.

If you are within the United States, these tools are also excellent for calculating ground and air shipment costs



Customers please be aware that any shipping insurance or duty and daxes are also not included in the cost estimate

Is shipping included?

Return shipping is included on your order for cylinders and cylinders head. ***NOTE: Automotive and American V-Twin cylinder and cylinder heads do NOT include return shipping.***

How can I get my cylinder serviced and back to me the next day?

We can ship cylinders from our core inventory out same day, utilizing our cylinder exchange program, but if you want your cylinder repaired normal turn around times will apply.

Do you offer a rush service?

We offer RUSH services to get cylinders through our process in half the normal turn time.

Parts & Engine Building

Do you fix: — cam journals, multi cylinder crankshafts.

We do not perform these repairs in house, but we can have them provided for you.

Can I get OEM parts from you or do I need to get them from a dealer?

We would be happy to source all your OEM parts needs. Price and delivery time will be quoted before payment.

Do you set ring end gap?

Absolutely. Ring end gap is an optional service for any cylinder and piston kit order. You may also send your piston kit along if you have already purchased one.

Can I drop my bike off and just have you fix it?

You can ship cylinders, your entire engine, or drop off your entire bike here at Millennium and we can have needed repairs made or services provided. We recommend calling one of our sales technicians to discuss all options available for your specific needs.

Will this be covered under warranty?

Our plating services are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. There is no warranty offered by Millennium Technologies on repairs or parts not manufactured by Millennium Technologies.

Payment & Pricing

How and when do I pay for my order?

We require payment in full before work can be started. Your order will be delayed if payment is not made in full upon arrival.

How do I pay for my repair?

We recommend having a form of payment on file. We require a deposit of 50% before work can be started. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the order. Your order cannot be shipped out without being paid in full.

If I can find a cheaper price on my parts will you match the price I find?

In most situations, we can provide cheaper pricing on parts purchased from most retailers, however we do not match pricing listed on online sources such as e bay, or Amazon.

Can / How do I get a bigger discount?

We have kit and service option packages that can qualify for additional discounts. We recommend calling one of our sales technicians to discuss all options available for your specific needs.


Do you sponsor riders? And if so what are the requirements?

Yes! We are always interested in interesting marketing opportunities. If you have an interesting project, race program, or unique way to promote our products, services, and brands, please send your marketing proposal to and we will be happy to investigate a mutually beneficial partnership.