1986 Kawasaki KX250 Stock Bore Service Kit



Millennium Technologies Standard Bore Service Kits were developed to provide you a complete top-end rebuild for your 2-stroke dirt bike.

We service your cylinder by stripping the old plating, inspecting the cylinder and performing necessary repairs. We plate the cylinder bore with our proprietary nickel silicon carbide plating process, then hone the cylinder to match the provided standard bore forged piston kit for perfect piston to cylinder wall clearance. We will service the power valve assembly and clean up the cylinder head to better than new condition. No need to go source replacement parts, we include a Wiseco forged piston, Cometic gasket kit, and top-end rod bearing with this kit, so you have everything needed to rebuild your top-end.

This kit is a service kit. You MUST send in your cylinder, cylinder head and power valve after purchasing this kit.

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This service may not be compatible with your vehicle. Return to shop and add your vehicle details to show compatible products and services.

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Services Included:

– All-inclusive cylinder replate and repair service: This would include strip, weld, bore, plate, deck, base turn, and hone to match your piston or specifications.
– Clean and hand lap cylinder head
– Power valve restoration service

Parts Included:

– Forged standard bore piston kit
– Cometic top-end gasket kit
– Wiseco top-end rod bearing