KTM 300cc Dirt Bike Cylinder Core

From: Millennium Technologies
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Experience the efficiency and convenience of Millennium Technologies core exchange program, designed to minimize downtime and accelerate the turnaround time for your OEM sized plated cylinders. We maintain an extensive inventory of cylinder cores across various applications, ensuring that you’re swiftly back in action.

How It Works:

Receive a cylinder before we receive your core cylinder. A core charge is added to your order, which varies depending on the cylinder type. Upon receipt of an acceptable core within 30 days, the core charge is promptly refunded to your card. Please note that after 30 days, core charge refunds are not applicable.

Acceptable Cores:

To qualify as an acceptable core for exchange, cylinders must meet the following criteria:

– No detonation on the cylinder

– No broken skirts on the cylinder

– No porting on the cylinder

– No sleeves installed (cast iron, aluminum, or other)

– The cylinder must be OEM size (no overbore)

– The cylinder being sent for exchange MUST match the type of cylinder being sent out by Millennium Technologies

If you have any doubts about the suitability of your core, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales professionals for guidance.

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