Micro Polish Crankshaft – 2-Stroke Single

From: Millennium Technologies
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Millennium Technologies isotropic micro polishing service is a surface
treatment for ferrous (steel) parts that will reduce friction, increase
durability, and increased effective film thickness (lubrication).

The Millennium Technologies isotropic micro polishing service involves a chemical intercation that forms a soft, thin (less than .001mm) film on the surface of the part. The part is then vibrated in a special tub with a non-abrasive ceramic media. The film is physically removed from the peaks of the processed part while the valleys are unaffected The film then re-forms at the peaks that are interacting with the vibratory media. This process of film re-formation and removal repeats itself until the peaks are gone and only the valley are left. The result is a smooth micro-finish. The second step is referred to as burnishing. Durin this step, all of the remaining conversion film is
removed from the surface of the part, leaving a polished,
chrome-like appearance.

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