Plate Automotive V-6

From: Millennium Technologies
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Millennium Technologies proprietary Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC)
plating process is far superior to OEM Niksail plating with better wear
characteristics, oil retention, lower friction, and improved heat transfer. We can strip OEM plated blocks and re-plate to OEM size an all Niksail engine blocks.

In the past, aluminum engine blocks with Nikasil, Alusil, or Locasil cylinder liners were considered non-repairable, especially if overbore pistons are not available or if standard displacement is required by racing reguilations. Millennium Technologies can hone the cylinder to remove minor damage and scuffs and then plate the cylinder back to OEM size. Our NSC can be applied to one back of the cylidners or the entire block. This means that hyper-extensive engine blocks with minor damage can be remanufactured better than new.

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