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Unobtanium Cylinders

Introducing Millennium Technologies’ unobtanium cylinders service – the ultimate solution for the world’s most exotic, rare, and irreplaceable engine components. Whether you possess vintage treasures, one-of-a-kind custom parts, hyper-exotic racing components, or anything beyond the reach of standard sourcing, our Unobtanium service is your lifeline.

Selecting unobtanium means your prized part receives the royal treatment, guided by a dedicated sales, production, and quality specialist who personally shepherds it through every step of the process. There’s no predefined price list for unobtanium services, as each case is unique. We provide tailored quotes only after your part arrives at the Millennium Technologies facility, based on the precise work required.

When your part is truly irreplaceable, when saving it is paramount, and cost is no object, our unobtanium service is your only choice. Rest assured, there’s no limit to the effort we’ll invest in rescuing or restoring your invaluable component.

Through our unobtanium services, we’ve be able to help save several customers prize possessions including: 1916 Indian Powerplus, 1919 Billet Harley Davidson, 1937 Indian Scout, 1952 BMW, Packard Juno 621, 1958 Arial Square 4, and many more.

Unobtanium services start at just $150 per cylinder bore. Ready to begin the journey of preserving your irreplaceable engine part? Click below to initiate your service order. Your exceptional component deserves nothing less than the unobtanium treatment from Millennium Technologies.