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Revolution Performance Bolt-On Big Bore Kits – Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Introducing Revolution Performance Big Bore Kits – the epitome of power, precision, and American engineering excellence. When it comes to unleashing full potential of your Harley Davidson, Indian, or Victory motorcycle, accept nothing less than the best. Our big bore kits are not just an upgrade; they’re a revolution in performance that will take your ride to new heights.

Unrivaled Power and Technology: Revolution Performance big bore kits stand at the forefront of innovation and power. Crafted with precision in the heart of Wisconsin USA, our state-of-the-art all aluminum NSC plated cylinders are the backbone of this technological marvel. These cylinders are designed to elevate both the reliability and horsepower of your beloved American V-Twin motorcycle.

Superior Heat Dissipation: When it comes to managing heat, our big bore kits are second to none. Unlike traditional cast iron cylinders, our nickel-silicon carbide bores are engineered for exceptional heat dissipation. This means that your engine will stay cooler even when pushing it to the limits. Cooler engines translate to more consistent power delivery and extended engine life.

Lighter and More Durable: Revolution Performance commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at heat management. Our big bore kits are significantly lighter than their cast iron counterparts. This reduction in weight not only enhances your motorcycle’s agility but also reduces stress on critical engine components, ensuring longevity and peak performance.

Unmatched Wear Resistance: When it comes to wear resistance, our big bore kits are in a league of their own. Thanks to the innovative use of nickel-silicon carbide bores, our kits are 10x more wear-resistant than traditional cylinders. This means that you can ride with confidence, knowing that your investment is built to last.

Perfect Synchronization: Revolution Performance takes precision to the next level by crafting both cylinders and premium forged pistons from the same materials. This ensures that the engine components heat and expand at the same rate, allowing for tighter tolerances and, ultimately, more power. Your motorcycle will respond with unmatched precision and acceleration

Bolt-On Big Bore Kits: Power, Simplified

Experience the easiest and most reliable way to boost your engine’s power and torque with Revolution Performance bolt-on big bore kits. No need for modifications, these kits are designed for effortless installation.

Performance Beyond Ordinary: Unleash the potential of your engine with our state-of-the-art, all aluminum NSC plated cylinders. They’re engineered to outlast and outperform OEM cylinders while running cooler.

Perfectly Paired Components: Each kit includes a premium forged piston and a Cometic head gasket kit, meticulously matched to the cylinders.

Zero Hassle, Maximum Gain: Say goodbye to case boring and extra modifications – out bolt-on big bore kits are ready to enhance your engine as soon as they’re bolted on. Simplicity meets power like never before.

The Choice to Customize: While no additional upgrades are necessary, the door is wide open for those who want to fine-tune their ride further. Make it a complete package by adding your preferred modifications.

Ready to embark on your journey to enhanced performance? Click below to see all bolt-on big bore kits we offer or contact us directly at (920) 892-2109. Revolutionize your ride with Revolution Performance today!

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